— The Movie Doc: Charlie Kaufman Will Adapt A Hunger Games-like Book Called Chaos Walking


I’d like to say that this is just a dream, that Charlie Kaufman is still working on his weird musical about Hollywood and the meaning of life, but apparently Mister Kaufman has signed to adapt a young adult series called Chaos Walking. It’s no secret that with the successes of Twilight and…


Super Mario Bros. (film)
Release Date: May 28, 1993
Production Budget: $48 million
Domestic Total Gross: $20,915,465


Super Mario Bros. (film)

Release Date: May 28, 1993

Production Budget: $48 million

Domestic Total Gross: $20,915,465

Welp, I’m back! And I made chicken alfredo! :D

And I bought 50/50 which I think I’m gonna watch soon because I really really loved that movie a lot.

Also I’m gonna be up for a while so message me! 




Maru at the Oscars

I would pay many USD to see all of these films in 3D



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— Just saw The Muppets Movie.

It was fucking great. I definitively recommend it! 

— Submarine

It is not often that I am soo undeniably confused about whether I absolutely loved or absolutely hated a movie, however with Submarine I definitively was. 

I fucking loved all of the characters and thought they were perfect. I loved the setting. I loved how it was “Wes Anderson”-y if that can make any sense. It also after discussion greatly reminded me of Rushmore, which I have to say, I was not a fan of (although I am still waiting to see it again before I lock down my opinion). 

The only thing I think I hated about it was the pacing. I felt it was super slow at some parts then picked up at others. In a really abstract way of thinking I felt it was an essay outline. Main points were obvious and then there was detail. Except this essay sucked shit and the details were kind of boring and annoying so basically all you wanted to see was the main points. But even that description I don’t think is accurate at all.

So I guess all in all I fucking loved the movie and would definitively recommend it.

Thoughts I had just as I finished this post

However thinking about things like this at 1 in the morning probably aren’t the best time to try and explain complex thoughts. So ya. All in all it was fucking great.

Also I don’t think this is a movie I will ever watch again. If that can make any sense either. I don’t feel it needs a rewatch. Or at least not one for a long time.