I know I haven’t been on here really this past week. It’s been a little crazy. I have had tech rehearsal for a Broadway Mashup show I’m in which,

BTW. If you live in the Bay Area near Fremont you should come to my performance! Our last show is tomorrow night, it’s at Ohlone College, tickets are either $10 or $12 I can never remember and the show is at 8:30. But be warned it’s a legit 3 hour show of musical theater and dancing so if you’re into that stuff it’s perfect. And I’m Link Larkin from Hairspray, which is kind of my dream role. And I dance and sing. So come. That is my shameless advertising.

Anyways. I have been making a lot of new friends and I have been doing a lot of introspection about why I am the way that I am. I am realizing that I have always felt that I would achieve greatness. Not just like being successful, but being successful and making a major impact in something. I think that’s why I try so hard at everything I do and why I try so many different things. I’m trying to become the most well rounded person I can be that way I can adapt to whatever. I have also discovered a lot about my sexuality I guess to. I think I have decided that women are beautiful, but I would never consciously go out of my way to do anything with one. Like if I had to absolutely have sex with a girl I guess I could but it is not something I am interested. Also I feel personally that heterosexual relationships are little less equal and that is why I like men better. Most (and I say most because I know not all heterosexual relationships are like this) seem to have stricter gender roles with male and female and I just kind of want it to be equal I guess. Idk. It sounds really stupid but it has been kind of a major step forward for me with becoming more comfortable with myself. Don’t worry guys, I’m still a homo lol.

Oh the things I think of at 4 am.